Show No. 62: In Public and Private Spaces – A Contrast in ‘How’ We Share Grief.

Burt Reynolds passed away today – on the very date of this recording, preceded of course by the legendary Queen of Soul and renowned U.S. Senator, John McCain. Today we explore the stark contrast of how grief unfolds in the public sphere by very public people in comparison to how personal grief unfolds in the same kind of public sphere (if we count social media as being the equivalent). This idea might have begun with the closely-timed collective losses of Aretha Franklin, John McCain – and most recently Burt Reynolds. It was in the public sphere where we watched the influential pay their respects, while also airing their grievances.  Private citizens, however, appear to their mourning and remembrance – in public spaces much differently. Grief is not a politically minded space – is it? It’s just us. 

Show No. 61: Culinary Therapy – A Different Kind of ‘Savory’ with Tara Shannon

On this week’s show, I’m changing things up – because life is short. So we begin the episode with an update on things to come between now and the end of the year. And later in the show Tara Shannon joins me for a special chat about life after thyroid cancer. We’re not hanging on cancer – but moving past it. We’re talking about wellness in spite of misfortune – how losing someone can make you think of your own mortality and help you change course toward finding your personal vocation – how sometimes adversity can make us become more alive.

Show No. 59: How We Talk About Policy, Plus – Trump’s Executive Order – A Pledge to American Workers

Twitter appears to be the new barometer of the political pulse of the people… What’s happening on Twitter is what’s happening at the water cooler, in the media – and even at the grocery store!Joining us to talk about ‘the way people talk’ in U.S. politics today is American journalist, Gloria Neal. – And later in the show, we’ll put our talk to the test as we discuss Trump’s new executive order aimed to keep America at work.

Show No. 57: Rethinking NAFTA; From the Leveling of ‘Labour’ to the Protection of Public Goods

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland says that taking it slow with NAFTA is a good thing because it allows time to consult with Canadians. And so we’d like to oblige the offer. Tune in as we speak with Sujata Dey, Trade Campaigner with the Council of Canadians on issues ranging from labour standards to the protection of public goods and the right to water – as well as the question, ‘can Canada make it alone?’

Show No. 56: Cindy Doire is launching an album! + Coding without a Screen – and the words of Salman Rushdie before Charlottesville.

Cindy Doire made a new album. It’s titled, Panorama – and what’s different is its launch (listen for details). And later in the show – how techy are you? This show is a day late because my website went down yesterday – and I’m just techy enough that I could rebuild it myself. Today we’ll discuss a new learning technique that can bring you up to speed on coding – no computer required! On the final segment of the show – What he said – as we discuss Charlottesville, Virginia, referring to a strong warning from Salman Rushdie dating back to February 2017. I’ve got a message for you.