Show No. 39: Hustle… Wisely. Breaking in September with Jacques Berge and Kirsten Ross

Show No. 39: Hustle… Wisely. Breaking in September with Jacques Berge and Kirsten Ross

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The beginning of September is almost like the beginning of a New Year – kids are back in school (if you have them), or if you’re in university, you’re getting charged up for classes – maybe even a little anxious. Or maybe you’re already in the full-time workforce and vacation time is over. At any rate, chances are that you’re getting ready to settle back into a routine. But is your routine – the one you’re currently using, the right one for you?

Our guests this week come from both sides of the border – Jacques Berge joins us from Windsor, Ontario and Later in the show, we’ll be joined by Kirsten Ross in the Greater Detroit Area. Both of them are coaches, both of them work with people on their personal as well as professional lives – so you can imagine the stories they could tell!

It’s life, music, talk – all grown up – Click on the play link at the top of this page to tune in now!

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About Jacques Berge

Jacques Berge – Coach, Connector, Creator
Jacques Berge – Coach, Connector, Creator

Jacques Berge of Windsor, Ontario, is a Coach, Connector, and Creator and is the founder of The Windsor Power Group. His mission is to build a community of like-minded individuals who are committed not only to their success but also to the success of others.

Accredited with over 25 personal and professional development courses, Jacques offers one-on-one and group coaching – but also facilitates a lively mastermind group in the Windsor and Tecumseh area. You can learn more about Jacques by visiting his website at The Windsor Power Group or through his Facebook page.

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About Kirsten Ross

Kirsten E. Ross
Kirsten E. Ross –Author, Speaker, Coach (Greater Detroit Area)

For more than 20 years Kirsten Ross has helped with leaders in privately held companies, family businesses, and non-profits.  She has helped them maneuver through the unique challenges of family relationships in the business world and has helped passionate entrepreneurs build dynamic teams.

She is the Author of two Leadership books, Defeat the Drama, and From People Problems to Productivity, as well as a third book, To Love and Be Cherished. Kirsten is CEO of Focus Forward Coaching, LLC, a leading coaching and culture correction firm. Kirsten holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, Senior Human Resource Certification, the Coach Training Alliance curriculum and has been a practitioner in the Human Resources industry for over 20 years.

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